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The Law Firm specializes primarily in providing comprehensive legal services for business entities, including commercial law companies, also with foreign capital and other entrepreneurs.
The founders of the Law Firm are Attorney at law Rafał Wiatr and Attorney at law Jolanta Wiatr.

The Law Firm's team has knowledge in multiple fields of law, which enables to provide ongoing legal services as well as cooperation in the implementation of specific projects. Legal services for business entities are complemented by legal advisory services for individual clients. The offer of our services is constantly expanding due to the dynamic development of the Law Firm.

The issues related to the advisory services offered by the Law Firm to corporate and individual clients include above all:

In cooperation with Serwis Sp. z o.o. we provide comprehensive early alert services
about changes in law, regulatory news, legislative work related to the organization.
In our offer we also deliver the first compliance support system in Poland.

Legal advice on optimal legal form of business activity in Poland, comprehensive services for commercial companies, support for the processes of establishment, liquidation, merger, division and transformation of commercial companies, support for entities with foreign capital participation.

  • ongoing consultancy within the scope of insurance business
  • verification of the debtor’s data,
  • determining the debtor’s address data,
  • supervision over timely repayment of receivables,
  • determination of the debtor’s financial situation,
  • preparing documents securing the repayment of debt,
  • determining the debtor’s assets for bailiffs’ execution.
  • assistance in completing the promissory note,
  • preparing promissory note declarations,
  • representation before courts,
  • legal consulting in the field of bill of exchange law.
  • legal assistance in organizing the investment process,
  • preparation of contracts in the scope of the investment process, including contracts for construction works, for design work, for investment preparation and for investment replacement,
  • legal assistance in obtaining concessions and permits of public administration authority related to the construction process, required by law
  • supporting clients in negotiations,
  • performing legal due diligence of real estate,
  • legal assistance in public procurement proceedings regarding construction works,
  • preparation and verification of the agreement on the investment consortium,
  • legal assistance for entrepreneurs conducting a property development business.
  • court proceedings in all instances, including the Supreme Court,
  • enforcement proceedings,
  • security proceedings,
  • bankruptcy and restructuring law,
  • administrative proceedings before governmental and local-governmental administration authorities,
  • court and administrative proceedings before the District Administrative Court and before the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • litigation before the National Chamber of Appeal,
  • litigation before the Arbitration Court.
  • drafting contracts and employment regulations,
  • legal advice on recruitment and employment
  • restructuring processes,
    representing the client in proceedings regarding employee and social insurance matters, in all instances,
  • legal advice on the provisions of employment contracts and managerial contracts,
  • consultancy in the field of termination of employment relations, including group dismissals,
  • legal consultancy in the field of social insurance.
  • support for domestic and foreign entities in all aspects of industrial property rights,
  • legal advice on the registration of patents and trademarks in national and international procedures,
  • preparation and negotiation of agreements regarding IT products,
  • preparing and reviewing draft contracts and negotiating contracts regarding the transfer of property copyright and the conclusion of license agreements,
  • legal advice in the event of infringement of copyright,
  • preventing copyright infringement,
  • legal advice for entrepreneurs in the protection of their works,
  • legal advice on competition law
  • legal advisory regarding the recovery of claims in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings,
  • representation of creditors in bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings,
  • legal service for business entities, for which bankruptcy was announced with the possibility of concluding an arrangement,
  • legal advice regarding the drafting of arrangement proposals..
  • legal advice on procurement procedures,
  • legal assistance in preparation of public procurement procedures,
  • preparation of procurement documentation,
  • legal assistance in conducting public procurement procedures, including analysis of documentation provided by the ordering party,
  • giving opinions on the legitimacy and preparation of appeals, responses to appeals, accession to appeal proceedings and complaints.
  • comprehensive service in the field of registration of entities in the National Court Register and registration of data changes,
  • representation as part of registration proceedings of entities subject to entry into the National Court Register,
  • preparation of documentation necessary to register changes subject to notification to the National Court Register.
  • legal advice in the selection of the optimal legal form of business in Poland,
  • comprehensive service of commercial law companies,
  • legal assistance in the establishment, liquidation, mergers, divisions and transformations processes related to commercial companies,
  • legal services for entities with foreign capital,
  • corporate services of company bodies (meetings of the management board, supervisory board, shareholders’ meeting),
  • preparation of draft agreements (founding acts), , articles of association, regulations and other acts regulating the functioning of business entities and its bodies,
  • preparing draft resolutions of the company’s governing bodies (management board, supervisory board, shareholders’ meeting / general shareholders meeting) and representing partners at shareholders’ meetings (general shareholders’ meetings),
  • comprehensive support for the creation and operation of other entities subject to entry into the National Court Register, including foundations and associations, changes to the articles of association, increasing the share capital, preparation of managerial contracts, conducting comprehensive legal analyzes (due diligence) of companies and their enterprises and preparing reports on the results of these tests, preparing or giving opinions on draft contracts with company management board members (including non-standard manager contracts) and negotiating these agreements on behalf of clients
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